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Looking to learn how to cook gluten-free for yourself or your family? The Institute of Culinary Education also offers Recreation Culinary Courses, and Whipped Pastry Boutique Founder and President Michelle Tampakis is headlining the course “Gluten-free Tapas.” In this course you’ll discover how to make gluten-free appetizers, including homemade baguettes, fritters, salads and other delicious snacks. On December 1, the brand new class “Gluten-Free Cookies and Cupcakes for Parents and Kids” will run for the first time from 6-9pm. You’ll learn how to bake and decorate an array of craveable gluten-free sweets, including Red Velvet or Vanilla Cupcakes and Vanilla Butter Cookies with Royal Icing and Rolled Fondant.

Learn more about Chef Michelle’s Gluten-free Tapas class>


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