One of NYC's Largest Hotels
Goes Gluten-Free

ONE OF NYC'S LARGEST HOTELS, located in midtown, with 2000 rooms, a ballroom that holds over a thousand guests and multiple dining options, it’s a very busy place indeed. I approached their Executive Chef with our products in 2014, and he was willing to give them a try in the restaurant, located in the lobby.

Our Challenge

Originally, the products we offered them were strictly for that location and were mostly breakfast options. As their demand for gluten free options grew, so too did their interest in more diversity in the product offerings. In addition to muffins and cookies, we started providing sliced breads for their breakfast buffet, and vegan options like muffins, breakfast bars and cookies.

Our Idea

In 2017, the Hilton added a few of our products to their catering menu, one of which is our Mini Brown Butter Donut. They instantly became a hit. Moist and tender, with the rich, nutty flavor browned butter imparts, we pack them in a cellophane bag of 2 pieces. The hotel regularly orders dozens, and sometimes hundreds of packages of these little treats for banquets. A recent order was for 760 packs, needed for delivery by 7am on a Monday morning.

The Development

Other parties have requested an assortment of pastry items, and we have the choice of providing what we feel is best in terms of variety. Pastry and breakfast items include muffins and scones, vegan oatmeal bars, individual bundt cakes, whoopie pies, donuts, cookies, vegan pocket tarts, brownies and pecan squares. Everything is gluten free, many items are also dairy free. Everything is freshly baked and individually packaged in clear packaging with nutritional information, allergen information and expiration dates.

The Result

We have earned the trust of the Chefs and Receiving Department staff with our reliability, variety, and quality. Our willingness to accommodate last minute add-ons and emergency requests is proof of how much we value their business and look forward to our continued partnership.
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